Genesis 42

Genesis 42

Genesis 42:1-38

SUMMARY: Joseph recognizes

OVERVIEWJacob sends his remaining sons except Benjamin to Egypt to purchase grain. Joseph recognizes his brothers but pretends to be a stranger. He accuses them of being spies and has them imprisoned. Joseph’s brothers equate their misfortune with their cruelty against Joseph years prior.

BIG IDEAOur sin has consequences. (Joseph’s brothers equate their misfortune with their cruelty against Joseph years prior.)

KEY VERSE: Genesis 42:21 (Joseph’s brothers speaking amongst themselves)
Speaking among themselves, they said, “Clearly we are being punished because of what we did to Joseph long ago. We saw his anguish when he pleaded for his life, but we wouldn’t listen. That’s why we’re in this trouble.”

Ask me to search your heart and to know your thoughts. I already know them, but invite me to help you grow and mature and become the person I know you can be. I want to heal your heart and bring you renewal and refreshment. I love you and want to see you grow and develop into the person I created you to be. You won’t go through this alone. I will be with you the entire time. Don’t resist my Spirit’s work in your heart. Confess your sin, turn away from it and turn to me, instead.

Don’t hide your sin from me or others. Live in community, sharing your needs, how you want to grow, and how your friends can pray for and support you. Good friends will support and encourage you as you seek and follow me. But they can also help restore you after a poor decision. I want you to learn to hear from me to follow me on your own, but I also want you to live out your faith within community.

Guilt can be useful if it motivates you to action. Ask God to search your heart to reveal anything that you need to confess. Ask a friend for help and prayer, and then take action on anything God identifies.