Genesis 41

Genesis 41

Genesis 41:1-57

SUMMARY: Joseph rewarded

OVERVIEW: Joseph interprets the Pharaoh’s dream and is appointed the second most powerful man in Egypt.

BIG IDEAGod rewards faithfulness.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 41:16 (Joseph to Pharaoh)
“It is beyond my power to do this,” Joseph replied. “But God can tell you what it means and set you at ease.”

I love Joseph’s story. It’s a fantastic picture of trust. Even in his pain and trials, Joseph knew I was in control. He lived as a free man, even while imprisoned. He was victorious, though many would say defeated. Joseph’s reward in prison was my peace and presence. But I enjoyed blessing him publicly, as well. I received pleasure watching Joseph receive honor from others. Joseph’s story can be yours as well.

I may not bless you in the same public way, but I want your faithfulness and trust. I want you to have confidence in my character and help others see and understand my love. Trust me and serve me because you know me and love me. You may not always experience a blessing when you want it, but I will provide honor and favor. I will bless you in some way and at some time. But I first want you to enjoy and experience my presence. Trust me and what I am doing in and around you. It will make me smile.

Serve God faithfully and joyfully today by being obedient to him, praying for others and meeting needs whenever you can. Do so as an expression of gratitude to God and love for him, rather than to expect a blessing.