Genesis 40

Genesis 40

Genesis 40:1-23

SUMMARY: Cup-bearer forgets

OVERVIEWJoseph interprets the king’s cup-bearer and chief baker’s dreams, but he remains forgotten in prison.

BIG IDEA: People may forget us, but God never does.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 40:23 (Despite being promised, Joseph is forgotten)
Pharaoh’s chief cup-bearer, however, forgot all about Joseph, never giving him another thought.

You will be disappointed in your relationships, and your friends will let you down. Others will forget you or, at least, it will feel that way. And you will be prone to do the same to others, or they will accuse you of treating them similarly, whether it’s true or not. The human heart is fickle. I am in the process of changing yours, and that becomes easier the more you see and understand who I am and that I will never leave you or forget you.

Your faith activates when you trust me, despite your circumstances. When you are thoroughly disappointed and then, just as suddenly, sing a song of praise, knowing I am at work in your world and beside you at that moment, that’s when your heart of trust expands. I am always with you and will always provide. My timing may be different from what you desire, but I will be right beside you, waiting for your praise.

Practice praising God during challenging times. It will remind you he has not forgotten you and teach you to look for ways that God is at work in your circumstance.