Genesis 38

Genesis 38

Genesis 38:1-30

SUMMARY: Jesus’ ancestors

OVERVIEWJudah’s sin lies in stark contrast to the life of Joseph. However, the offspring of Judah’s sinful action is part of Jesus’ ancestry.

BIG IDEAGod can redeem any person and any situation.

KEY VERSE: Hebrews 7:14a (A reminder that God can use anyone)
…our Lord came from the tribe of Judah…

I know what you’ve done in the past, where you’ve been, and how those choices sometimes haunt you. Don’t give power to those moments. When you asked for forgiveness, I removed the penalty of your sin. It’s gone. I have the ability, and I’ve chosen to use it to forgive you. Receive my forgiveness. It’s yours. Don’t give it away or cheapen its value. Celebrate it.

Yes, consequences for your sin sometimes remain, but so does my love. My love is more powerful than anything you can imagine, so tap into it. And in case you’ve forgotten, I can restore anyone and everything. I can redeem your past. Don’t dwell on it except to remember that I have forgiven you. Go ahead and share your story with others as a tool to help them overcome their hurts or hang-ups. I have forgiven your past, and I will be glorified in your future.

Always look forward. Regardless of what’s in your past, God wants to lead you into the future. Take time to thank God for his forgiveness, and any time you think about unwise choices from your past, say a prayer of thanks to God for his love, forgiveness, and promise to lead you into the future.