Genesis 33

Genesis 33

Genesis 33:1-20

SUMMARY: Reunited

OVERVIEW: Jacob and Esau have a friendly reunion after 20 years apart, and Jacob is relieved.

BIG IDEAHumility and kindness have healing powers.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 33:4 (Jacob relieved)
Then Esau ran to meet him and embraced him, threw his arms around his neck, and kissed him. And they both wept.

There is power in unity. A cord of three strands is robust—it is difficult to break. Invite me into your relationships or disagreements. Allow me to mold and shape you and those in your life. Invite others to pray for you and seek their counsel. Unity is a team effort. You must have a desire for it, but you can’t achieve it alone. Unity also comes at a price—usually your pride. If you are willing to humble yourself to me and others, amazing things can happen. I want you to see my love and power in action in your life. Humble yourself and let me and others in.

I want you to experience my love, and I want you to express that love to others. Love overcomes all. Do not hold onto anger or bitterness. I’m sure you’ve been hurt and can justify your rage. But I know a thing or two about being mistreated. Let go of your right to be “right” and follow my lead in rebuilding a relationship.

To whom do you need to offer forgiveness or extend forgiveness? Pray for wisdom and courage and be ready to respond as God leads.


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