Genesis 22

Genesis 22

Genesis 22:1-24

SUMMARY: Abraham tested

OVERVIEWGod tests Abraham’s faith, and Abraham discovers what he knew to be true: God would provide precisely what he needed.

BIG IDEAGod always provides.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 22:18 (Angel of the Lord to Abraham)
And through your descendants all the nations of the earth will be blessed—all because you have obeyed me.

Do not be surprised by the challenges you face in life. They will be plentiful, but you have nothing to fear. I have promised to be with you, and that will never change. I want your first response to any obstacle to be one of faith. Look to me for wisdom and with an expectation that I will lead you around or through it. The obstacle may also be one that causes you to go another way. That does not change my plan or provision. Sometimes I lead you in a particular direction to equip you and grow you. Sometimes I have other purposes, but I always have a plan, and when you follow me, you are in the center of my will.

Step out in faith today. Obey me and watch me provide. My Spirit will empower you, and the church will support you. But don’t follow me alone. Bring others with you, but walk with the confidence that I am with you if none go with you.

Is there a step of faith God is calling you to take? Is there a way he wants you to trust him that seems outrageous? Listen to God. Seek confirmation from the Bible and friends, and then GO!


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