Genesis 2

Genesis 2

Genesis 2:1-25

SUMMARY: Not alone

OVERVIEW: Moses provides more detail on God’s high point of creation: man and woman. Typical of Hebrew literature, Moses first offered the big picture of God’s creation in chapter one, and now God’s highlight in chapter two.

BIG IDEA: God loves and creates community.

KEY VERSE: Genesis 2:18 (God’s gift)
Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.”

I made you to experience community life. I wired you to love and be loved. Be willing to receive help from others. Don’t run from it or pretend you don’t need it. Be blessed by it. You’re more inclined to help others than to ask for help, aren’t you? Don’t limit what I want to do in your life. When you ask others for help, not only are you giving them a chance to bless you, but you’re preparing the ground to grow deeper relationships with them. It’s healthy to receive from others. Try it and enjoy it.

And don’t shy away from reaching out to others. I am a helper. As you read my story, you will hear others calling me their helper. I love that name. So when you help others, you follow my example. And when you emulate my actions, you show others that you belong to me.

Don’t do life alone. Be part of a community that seeks and serves God. If you don’t consistently attend church, now is the time to begin. If you do, be part of a small group or ministry team where you can invest in others and receive from them, too.