Ezra 6


Ezra 6. Temple complete

Ezra 6:1-22

SUMMARYTemple complete

OVERVIEW: King Darius approved the temple’s completion. The returned exiles finished building the temple, and then they celebrated Passover.

BIG IDEAGod accomplishes his will through believers and unbelievers.

KEY VERSEEzra 6:22 (the Passover celebration continues)
Then they celebrated the Festival of Unleavened Bread for seven days. There was great joy throughout the land because the Lord had caused the king of Assyria to be favorable to them, so that he helped them to rebuild the Temple of God, the God of Israel.

I will supply all your needs, but I may surprise you in how I do that. I will open doors you believed would never be opened. I will provide support from people that will shock you. You may shake your head in disbelief, but get used to it. I am the Almighty, and I will accomplish my will. So pray with great expectations. Ask for the impossible. Watch me work. Some doors may remain closed, but if the time is right, I will open them.

Worship me in all you do. Serve me with hope and faith and confidence, knowing I am with you and will provide what you need when you need it. Don’t be frustrated or distracted by obstacles along the way. Learn to use time strategically. I am always at work in people’s lives, so if your project stalls, look around. Perhaps that will be a chance for you to get to know someone new—someone you can serve or listen to their story.

Work hard today in whatever task you are asked to complete. Be faithful and praise God for who he is and all he does.