Ezekiel 4

Ezekiel 4:1-17

SUMMARYTwo sides

OVERVIEWGod reveals his anger towards Israel by having Ezekiel participate in dramatic symbolic acts.

BIG IDEAIt’s better to be a fool for following God than just a fool.

KEY VERSEEzekiel 4:4–5 (God to Ezekiel)
Now lie on your left side and place the sins of Israel on yourself. You are to bear their sins for the number of days you lie there on your side. I am requiring you to bear Israel’s sins for 390 days—one day for each year of their sin.

It breaks my heart when people disregard me and my word, especially when they profess to follow me. I am here for you and all of humanity. I offer myself, my Son, and my Spirit to provide you with everything you need to know me, follow me, and serve me. When you do these things, you not only invest in my kingdom, but you find fulfillment and joy that will feed and satisfy your soul.

But if you choose to avoid me and go another way, I will know. You do nothing in secret. There will be consequences, and your choices will impact your life and the lives of others. Still, I call out to you and invite you to surrender to me. Start by taking the blinders off your eyes and see all I am doing. Then, take the cotton from your ears and hear my instruction. Stop fighting me and rest in me, for I am waiting for you.

Thank God for his patience in your life and his patience with all of humanity. Ask God to reveal areas you need to surrender in your life, and pray for those you care about who are far from God.