Ezekiel 33

Ezekiel 33:1-33


OVERVIEWGod reminds Ezekiel his role is to warn people of impending judgment. Ezekiel is not responsible for their response.

BIG IDEAPoint people to God, whether they seek God or ignore him

KEY VERSEEzekiel 33:7 (God to Ezekiel)
Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.

Don’t carry the weight of another’s decision or indecision. You cannot make a person believe, nor can you change their heart. But I can. Leave transformation to me and focus on information. Inform everyone that I am here, that I love them, that I offer hope and forgiveness, that I want a relationship with them. I am not out to get them, but I want to receive them. I already know what they’ve done, and my love never changes.

Some will never turn to me, and that breaks my heart. They hear what you say and see how you live, but they claim it’s not for them. They think they are rejecting an idea or tradition or lifestyle. But they’re missing out on a relationship. They missing out on an abundant life that will fuel them on earth and prepare them for eternity. But I don’t stop waiting for them to turn to me. You love people the most when you share what I’ve done for you and what I want to do for them.

Go public with your faith. Identify yourself as one of my followers and invite people to get to know me. Invite someone to church, or to read the Bible with you, or to pray with you. Invite them to be in relationship with me and show them what that looks like.


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