Ezekiel 32

Ezekiel 32:1-32


OVERVIEWEgypt was strong and powerful like a lion, yet God would cast a net over it to trap and tame it.

BIG IDEAThe proud may rise and conquer, but in the end they will submit to the Lord.

KEY VERSEEzekiel 32:3 (God to Pharaoh)
This is what the Sovereign Lord says: “With a great throng of people I will cast my net over you, and they will haul you up in my net.”

Don’t ignore history. Many have worked hard to make a name and kingdom for themselves, pushing others aside or stepping upon them to boost themselves higher and higher. They may have a moment where they claim victory, but it is always short-lived. No one is more powerful than I or has more wisdom. Focus on me and learn from me. Do not labor to be great. Aim to be faithful.

Make it your goal to follow me. Learn to hear my voice regardless of where you are or what’s happening around you. The prudent pause. The wise wait. I speak in the quiet of the day, but look for and seek my instruction amidst the busy streets and within your never-ending schedule. Set aside time to rest in my presence, and find your strength in me when you work or play. If you want to be great, humble yourself before me. I lift up the humble, but I tear down the proud.

Regardless of your skill, experience, or wisdom, seek to live today in humility. If someone does not give you credit or acknowledge your contribution today, let it go. Use that as a reminder to pray, asking God to help you live a bold yet humble life.


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