Ezekiel 30

Ezekiel 30:1-26

SUMMARYBroken arms

OVERVIEWThe Lord would break the arms of Pharaoh (remove his power) and strengthen the arms of Babylon. Babylon would defeat Egypt and Israel.

BIG IDEASeek God for he raises up leaders and brings them down.

KEY VERSEEzekiel 30:13 (God to Ezekiel)
This is what the Sovereign Lord says: “I will destroy the idols and put an end to the images in Memphis. No longer will there be a prince in Egypt, and I will spread fear throughout the land.”

Keep your eyes on me and walk with me. I have called you to follow me and I have plans for you that will both excite and intimidate you. But do not be overwhelmed, for where I lead I will provide. I invite you to be part of building my kingdom. You will meet wonderful people and help many meet me or grow in their faith. And along the way, many will build into your heart, mind, and soul as well.

Follow me and don’t be distracted by the loud or attractive alternatives that cry out for your attention. Everyone claims they are the most effective and easiest means to success. But consider how they define success. Worldly success is limited, but my success lasts for eternity. I am the only one who can bring you all you’ve ever wanted. Step out in faith and follow me. Ignore those who try to distract you, and I will provide all you need.

Journal or think about the following: Identify ways you currently or previously have trusted in your or someone else’s power and abilities instead of trusting in the Lord. What happened?


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