Ezekiel 27

Ezekiel 27:1-36

SUMMARYDistorted faces

OVERVIEWTyre was a wealthy coastal city that enjoyed the benefits of the top merchandise of many countries. Yet it would be so devastated by the Lord that the kings of visiting nations would shudder with horror, and their faces would distort with fear at the sight of the city.

BIG IDEAGod will humble the proud and arrogant.

KEY VERSEEzekiel 27:34 (Ezekiel to Tyre)
Now you are a wrecked ship, broken at the bottom of the sea. All your merchandise and crew have gone down with you.

I made you to shine and bless others. I created you, made you in my image, and gave you gifts and abilities. I want you to develop those so that others seek you to hire you or learn from you. Don’t ignore your skills. Use them for my glory. When you do things with excellence, you provide a chance for people to see my beauty, strength, and creativity.

But remember from where you received your talents. I want you to work hard, and I will reward your efforts, but you do not own these skills. They are not exclusively for your benefit. Offer them as an act of worship to me, and bless others with them. Don’t express false humility. Receive the appreciation others show you, but remember that I am the one who gave you life and still do so today. Continue to grow in your craft, but remember me in all you do.

Reflect on the following question and then discuss with a family member or friend: In what ways am I proud or arrogant?