Ezekiel 25

Ezekiel 25:1-17


OVERVIEWEzekiel describes God’s judgment on the surrounding gentile nations. Ammon rejoiced when Judah fell into captivity. But it is God who will have the last laugh.

BIG IDEAMourn when others mourn; don’t mock them.

KEY VERSEEzekiel 25:6–7 (God to the Ammonites)
This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Because you clapped and danced and cheered with glee at the destruction of my people, I will raise my fist of judgment against you. I will give you as plunder to many nations. I will cut you off from being a nation and destroy you completely. Then you will know that I am the Lord.

I am a God of justice, and I will provide vengeance as needed. Do not seek retribution on your own. If someone wrongs you, come to me. Let me respond. If you were to handle it, you would focus on yourself, seeking your source of satisfaction. Focus on me instead, listening to my instructions for life. I have more important things for you to do, including shaping your character to be a person I can use in any situation.

I want you to support and encourage other believers. Don’t celebrate their defeat. Pray for them and offer help. Be someone they can trust and turn to. I want you to act the same way towards your enemies. I will provide the necessary discipline, and I want you to be available if they’re going to turn to me, seeking more out of life. Celebrate my work and the defeat of evil. But focus on caring for people who the enemy may have deceived.

Identify a Jesus follower that is hurting, or maybe someone you’ve struggled with in the past, and make yourself available to them. Seek a practical way to serve or encourage them. If you can’t think of something, take time to pray and let them know you are praying.