Ezekiel 1

Ezekiel 1:1-28

SUMMARYEzekiel’s vision

OVERVIEWEzekiel is humbled by experiencing the glory of the Lord and receives a vision of God’s work in the world.

BIG IDEAGod reigns supreme and is worthy of worship at all times.

KEY VERSEEzekiel 1:28 (Ezekiel’s vision)
All around him was a glowing halo, like a rainbow shining in the clouds on a rainy day. This is what the glory of the Lord looked like to me. When I saw it, I fell face down on the ground, and I heard someone’s voice speaking to me.

I revealed my glory to Ezekiel, and he learned that I reign supreme over all things. Regardless of what is going on in the world or your life, nothing is beyond the scope of my care. I am the Lord and am worthy to be praised. Seek me and worship me when things are going well and when they are not. Seek me and praise me, trusting that I am in control, for I am the Lord God Almighty.

You may have the same experience as Ezekiel on this side of heaven, but I will reveal myself to you in many ways. Go through your day with listening ears for my instruction and with eyes wide open to all I want to show you. The Holy Spirit will impress my glory on your heart as you seek me in my word and as you follow me today. I want you to worship me in your words, thoughts, and deeds. Follow me today and experience life as a humble servant whom I empower and lead.

Practice worshipping God throughout the day by taking time to stop and praise God, regardless of what you see or feel. Set the alarm to go off every hour during the day and stop to pray, or read your Bible, or listen to and sing a worship song.