Exodus 9

Exodus 9:1-35

SUMMARYHard heart

OVERVIEWPharaoh refused to budge. He only saw what he wanted to see, despite the pain and suffering it caused him and others.

BIG IDEADon’t let your heart be hardened.

KEY VERSEExodus 9:20–21 (God’s judgment)
Some of Pharaoh’s officials were afraid because of what the Lord had said. They quickly brought their servants and livestock in from the fields. But those who paid no attention to the word of the Lord left theirs out in the open.

When you persevere in faith, it builds your character and increases your stamina. It keeps your heart soft towards me and helps you trust me. Conversely, when you stubbornly refuse to obey, it hardens your heart and harms those around you. Don’t let that happen. Don’t wait to repent. The perfect time to turn back to me is always NOW. Build your faith and establish a legacy of love and influence.

My plagues were supernatural events that accomplished many things. But two purposes were establishing Moses as my messenger and showing Pharaoh my power and authority. I have the same plan for your life. I want you to follow my leadership, so others know who I am and that I offer hope and healing to all. Don’t sit idly by or disregard what I want to do in your life. Keep your heart soft towards me and respond in faith today as I lead you.

Respond immediately to what God wants to do in your life. IS he prompting you to act or react in some way? Don’t just think about it—do it now.


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