Exodus 32

Exodus 32:1-35

SUMMARYGolden calf

OVERVIEWIsrael forgot all God had done for Israel and worshipped a golden calf. As a result, people doubted, Aaron compromised, Moses interceded, and God disciplined.

BIG IDEATrust God and obey him, even when you feel overwhelmed.

KEY VERSEExodus 32:19 (Moses responds to Israel’s sin)
When they came near the camp, Moses saw the calf and the dancing, and he burned with anger. He threw the stone tablets to the ground, smashing them at the foot of the mountain.

I am with you always. Even if you feel alone, I will never leave you. Take comfort in that and be mindful that nothing you say, do, or think is hidden. Temptations will surround you, but you don’t have to submit to them. Seek me and my presence, and you can have victory. I will always provide a way out of temptation—always—but you have to seek me and follow my lead.

It comes down to choices. You don’t just choose me once and forget about me–a healthy relationship requires more than that. You will have a lifetime of choices before you. In every instance, I will be an option—but one of many. Choose to walk with me instead of submitting to fear, doubt, or anything new, shiny, or sweet-smelling that entices you. Beware: all other selections have a temporary satisfaction level.

Identify any triggers that tempt you to sin. Perhaps it’s a person or group of people, a TV show, a website, a location, or something else. Make a plan to avoid or minimize those triggers and ask God and a trusted friend for help.


I Am Sin: Compromise

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