Exodus 30

Exodus 30:1-38


OVERVIEW: God describes additional elements for the temple, all reminders of what he has done for us.

BIG IDEA: Remember all that God has done and that God is good.

KEY VERSEExodus 30:10 (God to Moses)
Once a year Aaron must purify the altar by smearing its horns with blood from the offering made to purify the people from their sin. This will be a regular, annual event from generation to generation, for this is the Lord’s most holy altar.

Jesus changed everything. No longer do you have to present an annual offering for forgiveness. Forgiveness is free and available to all because of the one perfect offering of Jesus’ life. Never forget Jesus is all you need. Don’t try to earn my love through service or attempt to change my mind through kindness. My love is eternal. Your effort does not determine it. I love effort, primarily when it reflects a grateful heart. But there are no conditions for my love and faithfulness. And I respond to your prayers based on my work in your life and the lives of those around you.

Ultimately, it all comes back to Jesus. Never forget what he did. Be reminded of his kindness and his sacrifice throughout your day. Today is a great day, no matter what you see. Regardless of how you feel, remember what Jesus did. Live joyfully today and be at peace.

Give thanks for your salvation that came at a great price. God saved you to serve. If you currently serve on a team at church, do so with a glad heart and send an encouraging note or text to your team leader. If you’re not yet on a team, find out how you can begin.