Exodus 27

Exodus 27:1-21

SUMMARYSpecial place

OVERVIEW: The temple courtyard was a special place with a specific purpose. The altar was the central item, reminding all of the necessity of offering a sacrifice for their forgiveness of sin.

BIG IDEAForgiveness is costly.

KEY VERSEPsalm 25:11 (David’s prayer)
For the honor of your name, O Lord, forgive my many, many sins.

I love forgiving you. You are my child, and I care more about you than you can know. When you choose to go your way, I am still with you. I call out to you and invite you back. I remind you that you have a forever home with me. You can turn around to my open arms any time. They are spread wide and waiting, always available for you. Remember my love, embrace my forgiveness, and help others do the same.

Be an encourager and a light of hope to all around you. I want people who may be discouraged or feeling hopeless to see you and think of me. I want your presence to trigger something in their souls that stirs. I want their heart to be warmed, knowing I know them and care about them. You don’t have to be perfect to show love and be encouraging. Be forgiven and share with others how it feels.

Thank God that he forgives your sin through Jesus. Strive to look at each person today as God looks at them—with love and a heart of compassion. Each hour at work or home or school, pray for someone you see. Pray that he or she would either begin a relationship with Jesus or grow in their relationship with him.