Exodus 26

Exodus 26:1-37

SUMMARYDetails matter

OVERVIEWGod gave a detailed description for building the Tabernacle. It included specific materials in particular lengths and was to be put together in a specific manner.

BIG IDEAOur obedience glorifies God.

KEY VERSEExodus 26:30 (God to Moses)
Set up this Tabernacle according to the pattern you were shown on the mountain.

I am with you 100% of the time. I will faithfully provide for you 100% of the time. I love you 100% of the time. You can count on my consistency regardless of time, temperature, or your temperament. I want you to live for me the same way. Obey me 100% of the time. 95% obedience may be progress, but I can’t wait for you to experience the satisfaction and joy of giving me the final 5%. Details matter, even in little things that may seem insignificant. Taking a bit extra without permission can be justified, but your integrity grows when you do things honestly.

I can redeem all things, even disobedience, but follow me and my way. Don’t strive for perfection—that’s exhausting. But do walk with me and follow my lead. You will be surprised how exhilarating obedience can be. I want you to see how fulfilled your life is when you follow my lead and live life the way I intended.

Ever tell a “small” lie or cheat a “little”? Because details matter, pay attention to your words and actions today and strive to be 100% honest.