Exodus 2

Exodus 2:1-25

SUMMARYMoses flees

OVERVIEWThe Pharaoh’s daughter adopted Moses. As an adult, Moses killed an Egyptian man and fled for his life.

BIG IDEA: God is watching over us.

KEY VERSEExodus 2:24–25 (God is aware)
God heard their groaning, and he remembered his covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He looked down on the people of Israel and knew it was time to act.

I have a design for your life and the world. I will do whatever it takes to complete that design, so you never need to feel alone or forgotten. I hear you, and I will guide you, today and forever. But I invite you to be part of my plan. I have work for you that will give you purpose, I have power for you that will make you courageous, and I have food to make you strong.

Moses ran after killing an Egyptian. He received the world’s premier education in Egypt, but I had spiritual lessons in the desert for him. I have one for you as well. Be patient. Don’t be impulsive. I am at work and don’t want you to miss what I am doing. Don’t merely flail your arms around, hoping for success. You may end up fighting the wrong enemy. Wait on me. Listen for my direction and follow me.

Be teachable today. God knows what you need to learn and will provide growth opportunities. Don’t assume disappointing news is useless. Ask God what his plans are and follow his lead. Growing your faith may be at the top of his list.