Exodus 10

Exodus 10:1-29

SUMMARYPlagues continue

OVERVIEWAll of the plagues were God’s declaration of war against the false gods of Egypt.

BIG IDEAChoose God.

KEY VERSEExodus 10:1–2 (God to Moses)
Then the Lord said to Moses, “Return to Pharaoh and make your demands again. I have made him and his officials stubborn so I can display my miraculous signs among them. I’ve also done it so you can tell your children and grandchildren about how I made a mockery of the Egyptians and about the signs I displayed among them—and so you will know that I am the Lord.”

Be careful what you wish for. When you determine to live on your own and ignore my instructions, even though that is one of the purposes for your life, I may allow you to experience independent living. I love you and want you to follow me, but I will permit you to reap what you have sown when you continually refuse to follow me. If you want isolation and independence, you will get it. But you will discover it is not what you hoped it would be.

I always invite you back. I will never leave you, but I may allow your independence to be longer than you desire. I will take complete advantage of all teachable moments to ensure you know the gods you looked to for comfort and satisfaction are powerless. I am all you need. Not only am I a God of power, but I am a God of love, and you are my child. Look to me today and be satisfied. Be filled with hope and love.

Choose only to follow God. Do not be distracted by other things or other belief systems. Is there anything in your life that distracts you from obeying God? Remove it today. Ask a friend or family member to help and to hold you accountable.