Exodus 1

Exodus 1:1-22


OVERVIEWThere’s a new king in Egypt. He’s intimidated by the growing population of Israelites and makes them slaves. The Hebrew midwives received instructions to kill the male babies, but they did not.

BIG IDEAFear God and put him first.

KEY VERSEExodus 1:17 (the midwives put God first)
But because the midwives feared God, they refused to obey the king’s orders. They allowed the boys to live, too.

I know you, and I know your circumstances. Just as I knew what Israel’s new king was doing, I know all that’s going on in your life. Be encouraged by that—don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed. And because I know all that’s going on, I’m not surprised by any of it. So don’t be overwhelmed by what you face. I’m not. I will allow your circumstances to grow you, your faith, and a host of other things that won’t always make sense today, but they will later in life.

You may feel stressed or frustrated by not knowing how everything will work out, but stop, pause, and pray. Let me remind you I am with you. Despite all that is going on, continue to trust me. Trust me, as the midwives did. They chose to obey my law over the king’s. Do the same. Listen to me and put me first. Walk with confidence, not because you have all the answers, but because you know I do.

Are you stuck because you’re intimidated by a person or challenge in life? Recognize God’s power and authority are superior to anyone or anything you’ll face. Put God first today and take the step of faith you feel God is leading you to take.