Ecclesiastes 10

Ecclesiastes 10:1-20


OVERVIEWFools pay no attention to the world around them. Instead, they say what they want, go where they want, and ignore others along the way.

BIG IDEAFoolishness can be costly.

KEY VERSEEcclesiastes 10:3
Even as fools walk along the road, they lack sense and show everyone how stupid they are.

The world celebrates fools and gives them honor. Many attain leadership positions with false charm yet later reveal their true character. Don’t be a fool by being deceived by them. Their leadership will be costly and waste valuable time and resources. There is not a perfect leader but avoid the obvious fool.

Keep your mind and decision-making sharp and your heart pliable by turning to me. Seek me for wisdom, read my word, and interact with others who love learning, knowledge, and healthy living. Doing so will protect you from yourself and your natural inclination towards evil. Remind yourself of foolish decisions you’ve made in the past or review the consequences others have faced because of their foolishness. The fool’s path is wide and fast. It ends in destruction or leading you far from where you want to be. The best thing you can do today and every day is to seek me. Follow me as I lead you.

Evaluate your life. Are you practicing a foolish habit? Ask God to reveal anything you should change. Ask some friends for feedback, too. (You may be foolish for NOT doing something.) What can you stop or start today?


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