Ecclesiastes 1

Ecclesiastes 1:1-18


OVERVIEW: The Teacher is overwhelmed and frustrated. After describing his search for understanding, the author believes that life is meaningless.

BIG IDEALife is meaningless without God.

KEY VERSEEcclesiastes 1:2
“Everything is meaningless,” says the Teacher, “completely meaningless!”

Search the world for meaning apart from me. Travel around the globe, and learn from the best and the brightest. Read all you can, register for webinars, and attend conferences. Follow key thought leaders on social media, interview the elite and ask meaningful, thought-provoking questions. Analyze the past and study the latest trends. Sit beside those suffering or dying. Even get Google involved. But you will never find what you are looking for when you fail to include me.

Life is meaningless without me. Many profess to have answers, and Satan promises knowledge to those who follow him. But I am the way, the truth, and the life. I want you to know me and my way. I want you to surrender to me and offer your whole self. I want more than the prayer you uttered years ago. I want you today. I want you to seek me and surrender to my will. Let me show you what I have in store.

God is at work in and around you. If it’s not apparent, ask God to reveal his activity to you. Then take time today to look and listen. If it is evident, follow God’s prompting when he nudges you into action.