Deuteronomy 2

Deuteronomy 2:1-37

SUMMARYBattle instructions

OVERVIEW: Moses reminds Israel of the importance of listening to God’s instructions on a regular (moment-by-moment) basis. God assigned Israel to fight some battles and not to fight others.

BIG IDEAGod guides and provides.

KEY VERSEDeuteronomy 2:25 (God to Israel)
Beginning today I will make people throughout the earth terrified because of you. When they hear reports about you, they will tremble with dread and fear.

I am not a God who says, “I will be with you” and doesn’t follow through. I am with you every second of your life. Truly. Seek me. Listen to me. Obey me. I will guide and provide. You can trust me, even when I lead you into conflict and challenging circumstances. My presence does not guarantee a simple life: it ensures I will be with you. So when things are going well, you can thank me. When you feel overwhelmed, you can call on me. I am with you, and I am trustworthy.

I want to teach you to distinguish my voice from the others that vie for your attention. The world is loud, even when it’s quiet. Learn to differentiate my call from others. I will speak to you amidst the chaos, but if you discipline yourself to be still and listen, you will hear me. The more you’re able to hear my voice, the easier it will be to differentiate my words from another’s. Listen and watch, for I am at work.

Set aside time to be quiet before God and listen. Sit still for thirty seconds or more and listen. In what way is God instructing you? Identify what he wants you to do or not to do. If you don’t hear anything, continue the process another time in your day. Ask God to speak and be open to his instruction.


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