Daniel 1

Daniel 1. resolved

Daniel 1:1-21


OVERVIEWDaniel was in a new land, with new teachings, a new name, and a new diet, but he resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine.

BIG IDEAWhen God prompts you, be bold.

KEY VERSEDaniel 1:17 (God’s provision)
God gave these four young men an unusual aptitude for understanding every aspect of literature and wisdom. And God gave Daniel the special ability to interpret the meanings of visions and dreams.

You live in a world that has turned from me. Its culture and system are designed to serve itself. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes, with little to no regard for me or truth or helping one another. Yet there is still a spark of hope in each person. I see those who don’t know me get inspired by benevolent acts. I see their eyes widen and hearts soften at the sight of a sunset or the birth of a baby. I am still at work in the world.

But you are my child. You have surrendered to me and chosen to follow me. Show those around you what it means to trust me. Live in a way that it is clear you do not serve yourself or the false gods of the world. Let your life inspire others to see and believe in me. I will provide for you. When you stand up for me, I will support you, even when others mock or dismiss your words and actions. Trust me in how you live today.

In what way has God been prompting you to act? Seek God’s will and when he directs you, speak up, or stand up in the way God leads.