From “How about that weather” to “Can I Be Honest About Something?”

Growing Deeper as a Small Group Talk show hosts and TV dramas have hijacked the word intimacy. When Oprah asks a couple, “When were you first intimate?” or Rome asks Tyrell (“A Million Little Things”) if he and Vali have been intimate, they’re talking about sex. And that’s too bad because intimacy is so much […]

Three Quotes that Capture God’s Heart for Small Groups — #3

Small groups can be life-changing. You have the opportunity to develop friendships, take steps of faith, and help others take their first or next step of faith. Plus, groups often have fun snacks. But, let’s face it, there are also groups that flop. If you’ve been burned in the past, don’t give up. I’ve had […]

Three Quotes that Capture God’s Heart for Small Groups — #2

Healthy small groups don’t eliminate pain, but they provide a place where pain can be prayed for and processed. We met Rodney and Sun-Yee in the previous post, two talented people whose pain limited their impact in the world and their satisfaction within it.  Rodney’s pride pushed people away. Instead of using his intellect to […]

Three Quotes that Capture God’s Heart for Small Groups — #1

Rodney’s recall ability was phenomenal. He could remember names, dates, and events like no other, and he had the GPA to prove it. Rodney also had the bad habit of inserting his college GPA into conversations far too often, especially since he graduated more than twenty years ago. Nonetheless, Rodney was brilliant, and if you […]

Small group checklist

Overcome Fear: A Checklist for Your New Small Group

Small groups are invaluable — life change happens best in community. Still, a step of faith is always required when starting one. But that doesn’t mean the experience has to overwhelm you. Use this new small group checklist to overcome fear or concerns. This post contains affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I’ll […]

leading small group discussions

10 Tips to Help You Lead a Fantastic Group Discussion

Roberta was ready. She had imagined a dozen worst-case scenarios for her small group discussion and had a practical, thoughtful response for each. Roberta was a gifted teacher who was not only passionate about the day’s topic, but excited to give group members a chance to go deeper and apply what they learned. But What […]