Amos 5

Amos 5. Pointless

Amos 5:1-27


OVERVIEWGod warns Israel not to go through the motions of religious expression when it is meaningless to them. God hates and despises such actions.

BIG IDEASeek God, obey God, and serve others.

KEY VERSEAmos 5:22 (God to Israel)
I will not accept your burnt offerings and grain offerings. I won’t even notice all your choice peace offerings.

Seek me and live. You always have a home. My door is open all the time, and my arms are ready to receive you. Seek me and live; otherwise, the path you are on leads to destruction. It may seem impossible to turn to me. It may feel like you are too far gone, but those are lies from the enemy. The moment you surrender to me, I will restore you. I will give you hope and a new heart.

But do not play the religious game. It may appear to allow you to live in both worlds. It may tease you into thinking you can make an appearance or give a token offering while living however you want. You are only fooling yourself. I hate religious games, but I love you. The moment you want to stop pretending and start confessing, I am here for you. Come to me and find the life you’ve always wanted.

Be honest with God, worship him in truth, and don’t play games. Is there a change in attitude or action you need to make today?