Amos 1

Amos 1. neighbors judged

Amos 1:1-15

SUMMARYNeighbors judged

OVERVIEWGod is the king of the universe and will judge all nations for their crimes against humanity.

BIG IDEAGod will hold everyone accountable for their actions.

KEY VERSEAmos 1:2 (Amos to Israelites)
This is what he saw and heard: “The Lord’s voice will roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem! The lush pastures of the shepherds will dry up; the grass on Mount Carmel will wither and die.”

Sin is serious. It’s a clear act of disobedience to me—whether in word, thought, or deed. And there is no way for you to erase your sin or cover it up or pay for it. Even if you were to sacrifice your life, you would be a flawed—sinful—sacrifice. While the notion would be admirable, it would prove insufficient. There is only one perfect sacrifice: Jesus. Jesus is the one who takes away the sins of the world. Stop striving to live an ideal life or giving your money or your time to please me. Sacrifice and service are beautiful expressions of love and faith. But they will not take away sin.

Besides humbling yourself before me and receiving Jesus as the forgiver of your sin, I want you to remind family and friends who don’t know me that I love them and have a way for them to be in a relationship with me. Point them to Jesus and tell them of my love for them.

Pray for those in your life who don’t know Jesus. Make a list of several names (5-10) and set the alarm on your phone to go off at a specific time each day. When the alarm sounds, stop and pray for the people you’ve thought of. Ask God if there are practical ways you can serve them or things you could share with them.