Acts 4

Acts 4. unity

Acts 4:1-37


OVERVIEWPeter and John are arrested and imprisoned for their preaching. Their arrest only further united them and other believers in their commitment to Christ and one another.

BIG IDEADon’t contain what God has given you to share.

KEY VERSEActs 4:12 (Peter to religious leaders)
There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.

Celebrate today that salvation is here. The world has billions of people with an assortment of backgrounds and personalities. Each person is unique, and I love every single one. Regardless of culture or nationality, level of success or failure, degree of wealth or poverty, the status of outcast or celebrity, salvation is available for everyone now.

You can get the truth from quality teachers. You can get inspiration from great artists. You can get encouragement from skilled trainers. You can get instruction from knowledgeable coaches. But I only provide forgiveness for your sins through one person: Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the price for your sin by sacrificing his perfect life on the cross. He is the only one who has ever done that. Jesus is the savior.

As you share the good news of salvation, stay focused on Jesus. Support those who believe with you and those who don’t. Your job is not to make someone more like you or more moral or even more Christian. Your job is to point people to Jesus by how you live and what you share. Stand firm and united with your brothers and sisters as you take the extraordinary message of salvation everywhere you go.

Consider reaching out to someone outside your culture, not to preach at them, but to serve and to share. You can sponsor a child in another country through organizations like Compassion International or World Vision. You can go on a mission trip with your church. Or look for ways to serve locally, too. These things will help you see the world from other perspectives as you love others.