2 Samuel 7

2 Samuel 7:1-29

SUMMARYGod’s promise

OVERVIEWAlthough David’s prayer goes unanswered, God’s promise to him (the Davidic Covenant) is more than he can imagine.

BIG IDEAExpect great things from God.

KEY VERSE2 Samuel 7:16 (God’s promise to David)
Your house and your kingdom will continue before me for all time, and your throne will be secure forever.

It’s OK to be disappointed. But don’t forget that I am in control. A ‘no’ to your prayer request might be a ‘yes’ to a different desire, possibly one you have not even considered. Unanswered prayer can be a blessing. The key is to remember that I am your heavenly father, and I love you and will provide for you. I know you best, so you can trust me. Cry out to me with all your hopes and dreams, but trust me with the results.

I love it when you return to me and give me thanks. I enjoy it when you acknowledge what I’ve done and even what I have not done. It’s easier to say ‘thank you’ when you receive something, but it tells me much about your character when you say, “I trust you,” when you don’t receive what you hoped to get. Indeed, you can trust me. I love you and will provide for you. Continue to follow me. Be ready to step out in faith when I give the opportunity, for I have much for you to see and experience.

Be disciplined to thank God regardless of the result. Rejoice when you get the answered prayer you hoped for, and respond with thanks when you don’t, knowing that God has your best interest in mind.