2 Samuel 16

2 Samuel 16:1-23

SUMMARYTough day

OVERVIEWDavid is deceived by Ziba, cursed by Shimei, and betrayed by Absalom and Ahithophel.

BIG IDEABe prepared for others to attack and criticize you, but stay faithful to God.

KEY VERSE2 Samuel 16:6 (Simei’s actions)
He threw stones at the king and the king’s officers and all the mighty warriors who surrounded him.

You will be deceived, betrayed, and dishonored. You can expect it from those who dislike you or disagree with you, but it will sting when it’s by those you love. This is the pain of life. There is an abundance of frustration, challenges, and unfairness. These experiences are not the end, however. There is a “tomorrow” after the demanding “today.” Do not allow the fatiguing issues you face to change who you are. Bring each one of them to me. 

I am not like the people who hurt you. I am faithful, honorable, and always a truth-teller. I continually have your best interest in mind. You may not still understand or agree with what I am doing, but I am trustworthy. Stay faithful to me and watch me work. Respond to those who hurt you with character and integrity. Allow me to clear your name. Live in a way that shows others you trust me, and continue to walk with me.

Make a list of whatever aggravates or frustrates you and talk to God about it. Allow a trusted friend to hear your heart, and ask him or her to pray for you. Ask them to pray that you will trust God and wait on him, despite your anger or impatience.


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