2 Kings 9

2 Kings 9:1-37

SUMMARYWasted makeup

OVERVIEWElisha anoints Jehu as King of Israel. Jehu immediately kills Joram and Azariah, kings of Israel and Judah. Meanwhile, instead of confessing her sin, Jezebel puts on makeup and is killed dramatically, fulfilling Elijah’s curse in 1 Kings 21.

BIG IDEAFocus on how God views you more than how the world does.

KEY VERSE2 Kings 9:37 (God to Jehu)
Her remains will be scattered like dung on the plot of land in Jezreel, so that no one will be able to recognize her.

I will judge all sin, and no one will escape my discipline. Many get frustrated by my apparent indifference to the evil in the world, but I see it all and grieve. I also know the reign of sin is limited. It will not last forever, and I will eradicate it from the world. Resist the evil in this world and flee temptation, and you will receive a reward. Not only will you experience peace on earth, but you will have a clean heart and fewer consequences.

I judge sin daily and will execute it in full in the future. I am waiting because I love my creation, and I don’t want any to perish. I invite everyone to follow me and to receive my forgiveness and have their heart and mind cleansed. Turn to me and value my ways. You waste your time when you focus on what the world loves. The world’s standards change regularly. I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. Turn to me and live.

Confess your sin to God. Don’t make a list of your sins to confess at a designated time. Talk to God and seek his forgiveness immediately so that you can live with a clean heart and a pure mind.