2 Kings 7

2 Kings 7:1-20

SUMMARYGood news!

OVERVIEWThe four lepers were ready to die, but they discovered an abandoned city filled with food and money. Instead of hoarding it, they shared their findings with others, and the famine ended.

BIG IDEAGod’s good news is for everyone.

KEY VERSE2 Kings 7:9 (lepers speaking to each other)
Finally, they said to each other, “This is not right. This is a day of good news, and we aren’t sharing it with anyone! If we wait until morning, some calamity will certainly fall upon us. Come on, let’s go back and tell the people at the palace.”

I am breathing life into you today. Soak it in, and enjoy every moment you have. You never know how many days and years remain, so take advantage of this day. Enjoy it to its fullest, and use it to bless others. Be a voice of hope amongst the hopeless; bring laughter to the discouraged; lend a hand to the overwhelmed. This is the day I have made rejoice and be glad in it!

But don’t merely delight in the physical world; invest in the spiritual. As my child, your soul has been forgiven and cleansed. You are a new creation in Christ. That alone should give you optimism and expectation. You are forgiven and free, but don’t keep it to yourself. Tell others what I have done, and let them know I want to do the same for them. The good news is that my love and provision are available to all through Jesus. Tell the world and celebrate each person’s step of faith.

Be quick to encourage others. Spend more time thinking of ways you can invest in and strengthen others than talking negatively about someone. Also, is there someone God has put on your heart that needs to hear the good news of Jesus? Pray for the person and commit to sharing at the next opportunity God provides.