2 Kings 4

2 Kings 4:1-44

SUMMARYGod provides

OVERVIEWGod provides finances for a family, new life for a son, antidote for poison, and food for a hundred.

BIG IDEAGod can do all things, so pray for the miraculous.

KEY VERSE2 Kings 4:43–44 (Servant to Elisha)
“What?” his servant exclaimed. “Feed a hundred people with only this?” But Elisha repeated, “Give it to the people so they can eat, for this is what the Lord says: Everyone will eat, and there will even be some left over!” And when they gave it to the people, there was plenty for all and some left over, just as the Lord had promised.

I want you to know a handful of things, and one of them is that I am all you need. Whatever you crave, hunger for, or deeply desire, you can find in me. I am the bread of life; I am the door to opportunities; I am the loving Father who will always be available. I am the answer to all of your questions. Stop overthinking; stop worrying; stop running for help. Turn to me, instead.

I can do all things. Bring all your concerns and questions and needs to me. Call on me and let me respond. I am listening. Even though I know what you need and what you desire, I love hearing from you. I’m not a lucky charm or a fairy godmother, so don’t call on me as your last resort. I am the living God who made the heavens and earth, parted the sea, raised the dead, and speak with you now. Don’t waste time trying to figure out all your problems. Bring them to me. I’m ready.

Do you have a list of bold prayer requests for which you pray regularly? If not, write down at least 3-5 and pray in faith that each would be easy for God to provide.


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