2 Kings 24

2 Kings 24

2 Kings 24:1-20

SUMMARYBad harvest

OVERVIEWThis chapter highlights three kings who did evil in the eyes of the Lord, preparing the way for the fall of Judah.

BIG IDEAYour sin will find you out (Numbers 32:23).

KEY VERSE2 Kings 24:3–4 (Manasseh’s legacy)
These disasters happened to Judah because of the Lord’s command. He had decided to banish Judah from his presence because of the many sins of Manasseh, who had filled Jerusalem with innocent blood. The Lord would not forgive this.

Once you plant the seeds of sin, they will grow and choke out all other plants. Unless removed, over time, they will infect any healthy, thriving plants. Don’t ignore them or hope they go away. Call on me. I can remove those seeds if requested. I can replace them with seeds that produce healthy fruit and have the chance to multiply ten, twenty, or one hundred times. But turn to me. Call on me, and I will help.

Don’t live in defeat. You are not doomed to fail because of your genealogy, or your environment, or your friends. Regardless of who your parents are or where you live, I will adopt you as my child. And then I will empower you to live above the negativity in your life. It won’t be easy, and you’ll be criticized and even attacked. But I will give you the strength to stand, love to forgive, and stamina to persevere. A day is coming when life will be both joyful and easy. Until then, it will be a challenge. But I will provide all that you need. Look to me and follow me.

Don’t cover up your sin. Confess it to God and one-to-two others that you trust. Thank God for his forgiveness and pray for the strength and courage to live the way God desires. Ask your friends for help and to hold you accountable.