2 Kings 18

2 Kings 18:1-37

SUMMARYFear factor

OVERVIEWHezekiah did what was right in the eyes of God and was known as a faithful king, carefully obeying all the commands of the Lord. But even he weakened under the threat of mighty Assyria.

BIG IDEAGod is bigger than your enemies.

KEY VERSE2 Kings 18:5–6 (Description of Hezekiah)
Hezekiah trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel. There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before or after his time. He remained faithful to the Lord in everything, and he carefully obeyed all the commands the Lord had given Moses.

I want to empower you to live with confidence. I want you to look fear in the face, proclaim my name, and take your next steps of faith. The more you get to know me, the more you will grow in your faith and live with the conviction that I am all you will ever need. Don’t let others’ words or actions frighten you. If I am leading you to go somewhere or say something, do so with authority.

Focus on me. Remember my promises and call on my power. When you get overwhelmed by the mountain in front of you, you will miss the mountain pass I have provided. When you confront a seemingly impenetrable wall, you won’t see the ladder ready to guide you up and over. You will face trials and troubles in this world, but you are never alone. I will guide you and provide for you. Trust me and follow me today.

Don’t let life’s circumstances distract you. Write out a favorite verse (search for “Bible verses on God’s power”) and keep it before you. Post it on a mirror or your computer or keep it in your pocket. Read it and pray each time you feel overwhelmed or intimidated.


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