2 Kings 15

2 Kings 15:1-38

SUMMARYSeven kings

OVERVIEW: This chapter presents the reigns of seven kings for Israel and Judah and evaluates each king according to his obedience to God. Only two did what was pleasing in the eyes of God.

BIG IDEAServe an audience of one. Seek to please God.

KEY VERSEProverbs 15:3
The Lord is watching everywhere, keeping his eye on both the evil and the good.

Many will claim authority in your life but focus on obeying me. While a myriad of voices competes for your attention, learn to hear my voice despite the noise. Tune your ears to my frequency. It will not be easy. You may even feel it will not be possible, but it is. I have designed you to see me and hear me, but it’s a learned skill. Do not give up. You can learn to see me and hear my voice, but it will take time to learn.

Start by acknowledging your allegiance to me today, and then remind yourself throughout the day. Practice by seeking me through prayer. Invite me to speak to you and then listen. Take time—thirty-sixty-ninety seconds or more. Be still and learn to be comfortable in silence. You may never hear an audible voice, but I will speak to you through my word, the Holy Spirit, or a host of other ways. But beyond seeking me, show you love me by following me. Be known as one of my faithful followers.

Set some spiritual formation goals for the next three months, including opportunities for you to practice being still and listening to God. It can include Bible reading, prayer, silence, journaling, or additional ways. Pick one or two that you can do at least four days a week. Ask a friend to join you or to hold you accountable.