2 Kings 14

2 Kings 14:1-29


OVERVIEWKing Amaziah’s pride controlled him. He ignored the wise counsel from his enemy and was soundly defeated.

BIG IDEAYou’re not as good as you think you are.

KEY VERSE2 Kings 14:10 (King Jehoash to King Amaziah)
You have indeed defeated Edom, and you are proud of it. But be content with your victory and stay at home! Why stir up trouble that will only bring disaster on you and the people of Judah?

I am here with you at this moment, and I will be with you throughout the day and night. I will never leave you. I will guide and instruct you, and if you are wise, you will follow. But be thorough in how you follow me. Don’t pick and choose what you want to believe or what you want to do. I am not a buffet where you can select what looks appetizing.

It is challenging to follow me—that’s why I say “count the cost.” There are less demanding ways to live, but none will be as rewarding or satisfying. The path towards righteousness is narrow, and the way to destruction is a wide-open paved highway. Beware of the easy way. You will enjoy your choice for a while, but it will not last. Even if you get used to it, you will never find fulfillment. Stop searching and turn to me. I will lead you. Will you follow me?

Be bold and courageous in your obedience to God’s instructions. Don’t act on your own. In every situation, stop and pray. Seek God’s direction and consult with friends to get their perspective. Then follow God’s leadership.


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