2 Chronicles 34

2 Chronicles 34

2 Chronicles 34:1-33


OVERVIEWJosiah, Judah’s last good King, is humbled by discovering the law and immediately wants to learn from it and teach it to others. 

BIG IDEA: Be teachable and obedient.

KEY VERSE2 Chronicles 34:21 (Josiah to the men)
Go to the Temple and speak to the Lord for me and for all the remnant of Israel and Judah. Inquire about the words written in the scroll that has been found. For the Lord’s great anger has been poured out on us because our ancestors have not obeyed the word of the Lord. We have not been doing everything this scroll says we must do.

Josiah was a man who obeyed my word—even as a boy—and humbled himself when he got to see, hear, and touch my word. I want you to have a similar reaction. Respond with fear and humility as I speak. Don’t take my word for granted. Don’t let dust accumulate on your Bible or bury it in a forgotten folder on your phone. Hunger and crave to read or listen to my word and to seek my direction.

You live in a marvelous age. You can carry my entire Bible in your pocket, in multiple languages and translations, and with an abundance of study materials. Learn from Josiah’s humble, obedient response to my word. Seek me and engage with the teachings in the Bible throughout the day. Memorize it. Meditate on it. Talk about it. And obey it. Don’t be like those who know everything about my word, yet don’t follow me. Start with what you’re reading today. How will you live and think differently because of it?

Be ready to say “yes” to anything God says. How is God leading you today? How eager are you to hear from God and obey? Continue to spend time with God, as you are now, but frequently pause throughout the day and “check-in” with God. Be still and ask God to help you hear his instruction.