2 Chronicles 31

Give generously

2 Chronicles 31:1-21

SUMMARYGenerous giving

OVERVIEWHezekiah sought God wholeheartedly, and the Israelites followed his example. They gave generously to support the priests, the Levites, and the Temple ministry.

BIG IDEAPut God first.

KEY VERSE2 Chronicles 31:5 (Israel responds to Hezekiah’s instruction)
When the people of Israel heard these requirements, they responded generously by bringing the first share of their grain, new wine, olive oil, honey, and all the produce of their fields. They brought a large quantity—a tithe of all they produced.

When you seek me, I will give you reasons to worship. When you realize all I have done and provided, you will respond with generosity. When you obey me, you will find fulfillment. Tell everyone there is blessing in obedience and destruction on the path of disobedience. Remove the temptations from your life, so they don’t trip you or others up. It all starts with me. Your success or your failure is determined by who or what you worship.

Turn to me and live. Let me be your first thought in the morning, when you make a decision, when your mind is idle, or when confronting temptation. Celebrate me in the joy you feel; find me in the pain you experience; seek me when you are lost or confused; worship me when you give. Give generously, knowing I provided in the past and will continue in the future. Turn from your fleshly cravings and enjoy the feast found in my word and through obedience.

Practice giving to God first. Before paying bills, saving, or spending, invest first in God’s kingdom.



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