2 Chronicles 3


2 Chronicles 3:1-17


OVERVIEWSolomon builds the Temple on Mount Moriah, possibly the precise location where God provided Abraham a substitute sacrifice for Isaac. Gold is used throughout the Temple, highlighting the magnificence of God.

BIG IDEAHonor God in the details.

KEY VERSE2 Chronicles 3:4b–5 (Solomon builds the Temple)
He overlaid the inside with pure gold. He paneled the main room of the Temple with cypress wood, overlaid it with fine gold, and decorated it with carvings of palm trees and chains.

There is no way for a building to match my magnificence, but I love the care and detail put into the Temple’s design. It was an act of worship. The builders and all who contributed towards its construction did so in love. I want you to worship me in the same way. You don’t have to build a structure, but worship me wherever you are. Acknowledge my power and bring honor to my name.

You can do that today by recognizing the beauty of my creation. Even the intricacies of human-made construction is a testament to my ability to create humankind with creative talents, keen eyes, and steady hands. Worship me in how you treat those around you. You won’t naturally connect with each person, but you can show them respect and kindness, and when you do, it is an act of worship. Do things with excellence today. Think about ways to bring beauty into your acts of creation, whether word, deed, or construction.

Take time to remember something of significance that God has done in your life. Find an item or create something to commemorate God’s work.