2 Chronicles 29

2 Chronicles 29:1-36

SUMMARYSpring cleaning

OVERVIEWHezekiah reopened the Temple and had the Levites clean it out and prepare it for worship. Despite the previous generation’s unfaithfulness, Hezekiah was faithful.

BIG IDEAChoose to worship and serve God today.

KEY VERSE2 Chronicles 29:16 (Priests purify the Temple)
The priests went into the sanctuary of the Temple of the Lord to cleanse it, and they took out to the Temple courtyard all the defiled things they found. From there the Levites carted it all out to the Kidron Valley.

Hezekiah’s father, Ahaz, was unfaithful and did what was evil in my sight. He abandoned me and ignored my Temple. Ahaz allowed the stench of selfishness and sin to permeate all of Jerusalem. Hezekiah was different. Hezekiah ignored the path his father took and followed me instead. He believed my word that I would bless the obedient; he cast vision for holiness and purity, and so the Levites immediately got to work. They purified themselves, cleansed the Temple, and all of the Temple’s utensils.

I want you to respond in the same way. Your body is now my temple, and your heart has had a deep cleaning through Jesus’ sacrifice. Do not attempt to hide your sin or ignore it. Bring it all to me, and I will purify it. Regularly invite my Spirit to wash and cleanse your mind, body, and soul. You live in a world where you can quickly be tainted. But don’t let that overwhelm you, for I am greater than any force in the world. Follow me on my path, but if you stumble, turn to me and be purified.


In what ways do your heart and mind need to be cleaned to worship God today? Identify one area and a key Bible verse, if possible, and pause to pray about it throughout the day.