2 Chronicles 13

2 Chronicles 13

2 Chronicles 13:1-22

SUMMARYDeceptive leadership

OVERVIEWAbijah confidently approached Jeroboam’s army because he knew he had the Lord on his side. Yet after God provided a victory, Abijah attempted to grow stronger by marrying more women and having more children.

BIG IDEATrust God in all areas of your life.

KEY VERSE2 Chronicles 13:12 (Abijah to Israelite army)
So you see, God is with us. He is our leader. His priests blow their trumpets and lead us into battle against you. O people of Israel, do not fight against the Lord, the God of your ancestors, for you will not succeed!

I want you to separate yourself from others. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid sinners or those who think differently than you. How else will they hear the gospel and discover that I love them? How else will they see what a life of faith looks like on a daily or hour-by-hour basis? You are my person to display a changed life. Engage the world, but do not emulate it.

Abijah rallied his army behind the truths of my word: that I would protect and provide for those who worshipped and obeyed me. And I did so in his battle against Jeroboam and Israel. But Abijah’s response was to marry multiple wives. That was a sign in his day of  power and superiority, but it was not a sign of faithfulness to me and my word. Ignore what the world applauds, and trust me. Seek my pleasure rather than the ever-changing desires of the world. Trust me in all areas of your life, and you will find peace and prosperity.

Are there inconsistencies in your life? If so, ask a friend to help you overcome those. Come up with a plan to pray and how to respond when tempted. If you can’t identify any inconsistencies, ask that same friend for his or her perspective.