1 Samuel 6

1 Samuel 6:1-21


OVERVIEWThe Philistines return the ark to Israel, and some men die because they look into the ark (prevented by Numbers 4:20).

BIG IDEAObedience honors God and may save your life.

KEY VERSE1 Samuel 6:20 (people respond to God’s judgment)
“Who is able to stand in the presence of the Lord, this holy God?” they cried out. “Where can we send the Ark from here?”

I want you to walk with me. Follow me as I lead you. Don’t be overwhelmed, fearing you’ll go the wrong way or somehow do it incorrectly. I will guide you at the pace you can handle. I may challenge you from time to time. But that’s when I want you to trust me. I know what you can endure, so step out in faith and go for it.

Don’t say you love me and then completely disregard my leadership or my instructions in the Bible. Show me your love through your obedience. You won’t get it right all the time. That’s OK. Acknowledge when you disobeyed and start again. Obey me as my loving child, eager to follow your loving father. Don’t obey as a puppet, blindly or heartlessly following orders. Obey, because you know I love you and direct your path according to what is best for you and others. Obey me because you trust me.

Are you going places or looking at things you know you shouldn’t? Identify 1-3 trusted friends and ask them to pray for you to live obediently this week. Ask them to check with you every few days. Start each day asking God’s Spirit to empower you to live faithfully in those areas.