1 Samuel 1

1 Samuel 1:1-28


OVERVIEW: Hannah, whose name means ‘Grace,’ cried out to God, and he answered her prayer with Samuel’s birth.

BIG IDEACry out to God. Share everything that is on your heart and trust him for the results.

KEY VERSE1 Samuel 1:10 (Hannah’s heart)
Hannah was in deep anguish, crying bitterly as she prayed to the Lord.

I know your heart and am aware of what you want and need before you do. Yet I like to hear from you. Cry out to me. Share all that’s going on in your life. Talk to me about all that you’re thinking about, all your hopes and dreams. Don’t just think about what’s on your heart and mind—call on me. Direct your requests to me. I love you and want to provide for you and reveal my care and provision for you.

Some may find it strange that you pray or that you believe I hear your prayers. I do listen to them, and I answer each one. Ignore those who deter you. I do not always answer the way you desire, however. Sometimes your request is not healthy. You know what you want, but I know what is best. So as you pray, take time to pause and listen. I will speak to you. Take time to read my word as I will reveal myself in that as well.

Talk to God about all that’s on your heart, but recognize he may have other plans for you. Commit to trust God and to thank him for the results.