1 Kings 6

1 Kings 6:1-38

SUMMARYPlan followed

OVERVIEWSolomon built the Temple over seven years according to the detailed plan.

BIG IDEACount the cost before beginning a project.

KEY VERSE1 Kings 6:12 (God to Solomon)
Concerning this Temple you are building, if you keep all my decrees and regulations and obey all my commands, I will fulfill through you the promise I made to your father, David.

Follow my plan and enjoy my presence. If you turn from me and go your way, I will still be with you because I am faithful. However, I don’t want your heart to be hard so that you forget that I love you and have plans for you. Solomon built me a temple on the land his father David purchased (2 Samuel 24). David had Solomon with a woman who was not his wife, and he bought property to atone for his sin of taking the census. David experienced significant consequences, but what the enemy intended for evil, I made it right.

Live for me today and avoid the consequences that come from disobedience. While I can redeem evil actions, it is much more satisfying to bless those obey. You benefit tremendously, and the world around you does, too. Show those in your life what it looks like to follow Jesus. Don’t strive to be perfect, but do focus on loving and serving me.

Look at your next assignment—whether leading a Bible study or taking out the garbage—as an opportunity to serve the Lord. Do everything with a sense of purpose and a heart of love for serving God and others.