1 Kings 16

1 Kings 16:1-34

SUMMARYBad kings

OVERVIEWThe author lists the histories of five kings of Israel. Each outdid the other in evil acts.

BIG IDEADon’t repeat the sins of those before you.

KEY VERSE1 Kings 16:30
But Ahab son of Omri did what was evil in the Lord’s sight, even more than any of the kings before him.

If looking at your family heritage makes you anxious, stop analyzing your past, and focus on your future. You do not have to continue the negative cycle. Change your destiny by creating a new legacy for your family name. It’s not impossible. With me, all things are possible. I want your commitment and obedience, and I will give you my power and a godly heritage. Don’t let your past define you, and don’t make the same harmful choices. Choose me and be part of the solution.

Don’t be overwhelmed. Even if you’re surrounded by those doing evil, or you feel as though you have no other options, you have the most excellent, most potent option at your disposal: me. Seek me and follow me. You may have to endure consequences from choices other family members have made. You may also have to put up with abuse from family members for deciding to follow me, but I will give you the strength and grace you need. Seek me, follow me today, and lay a foundation of hope and renewal for your family’s future.

Map out your family genogram (a family tree that highlights a family’s relationship history and the family’s medical and mental health). Do a quick sketch now and a more elaborate one in the future with another family member. Identify any positive or negative patterns in your family. Anything to beware of, or anything to research or get help for?


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