1 Chronicles 9

1 Chronicles 9

1 Chronicles 9:1-44


OVERVIEWThe Levites were in charge of opening and closing the gates on each side of Jerusalem. Jesus is the gate, providing access to the father (John 10:7).

BIG IDEAOpen the door for others to meet God.

KEY VERSE1 Chronicles 9:26–27 (the returning Levites)
The four chief gatekeepers, all Levites, were trusted officials, for they were responsible for the rooms and treasuries at the house of God. They would spend the night around the house of God, since it was their duty to guard it and to open the gates every morning.

I want everyone to hear from me. I want each person to know I love them, and I want them to know I welcome them. The local church should be an open door. Your home should be a place of refuge. You should be a person of peace that others reach out to for prayer, counsel, and comfort. Everything you do and say—or don’t do or don’t say—sends a message to a watching world. They hear your words, but do they see the fruit in your life?

When you walk away from me, come back. Don’t sit and sulk. You’re only wasting time because as soon as you turn to me and confess your sin, I will forgive you. Stop waiting and run to me. Your repentance will model to others what it looks like to follow Jesus. Don’t try to be perfect—we all know you’re not. Instead, focus on being obedient. And when you’re not, my open arms will be ready for you.

Make a list of several times you turned your back on God and went your own way. Use those as part of your faith story to illustrate God’s everlasting love and open invitation to be in a relationship with him.